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About M.S.A.

Janab. S.M. Mohamed Sarief & Janaba. Zaithun Beevi Mohamed Sarief is my Parent's name and I am only Son for them. I was born on 22nd March, 1976 in a small village (Anjukottai) which is a historical place in northern part of Ramnad District, Tamil Nadu.

Suffered lot in my childhood by injury and pain and was saved from all those things pains with the help of Almighty. I am very thankful to Almighty since, my childhood.

Studied till HSC in a Government Higher Secondary School and it was very nice and interesting. Did very hard work to win even though I was born in a Middle Class Family. I did not want to give burden to my parent, so I myself earned money and with the help of earned money, I completed my M.Com. in a very famous College which is situated in Thiruchirapalli City.

Mr. M. MOHAMED ISMAIL, M.Com. MEd., M.Phil., PhD., CS who promoted me. He was my class teacher and he is my uncle now (i.e. my wife's uncle) when I was studying HSC. He encouraged me in doing B.Com. as well as M.Com., who is my best advisor also.

My Parent and sisters are very nice and they are very co-operative. They are my good friends and advisors.

I am having good friends since my boyhood days. They all fully involve in social work including myself. In several ways they have helped me and I am very much thankful to them.

I have the teaching experience through taking the tuition classes to SSLC, HSC and Degree students. I had also been working as an instructor in a type writing institute situated in Trichirapalli City after completing both higher grade in English and Tamil.

Collected 5000 questions with answers on GK and it is going to be printed as a book in Tamil Soon.

An Essay about United Arab Emirates has been written.

I am having very much of interest in story writings, Habit of writing Diary, Habit of reading good books, Watching TV Programs, Cooking, Prayer, Participating Debate Competitions etc., I have participated in Debate competitions in Trichirapalli Radio Station and acted in Dramas Conducted by several Institutions and Radio Station.

passed the Accounts Payable Fundamentals from "" On 13th January, 2001.

Got married on 16th September, 2002 at Noor Manzil situated in Ilayangudi which is the Manzil of Mr. Mohamed Ismail.

A. Jesima Abdul Rasak is my wife's name and she is the Daughter-in-Law of Mr. Mohamed Ismail.

A male baby (A. Abdul Wahidur Rahman) was born on 01st November, 2004. Naming celeboration was conducted on 12th December, 2004.

My father (Mr. S.M. Mohamed Sarief)expired on 22.06.2005 at Anjukottai Home. Before death, he was affected on Stroke. After treatment, he was ok for one and half year.

Another male Baby (A. Abdul Azeemus Shariff) was born on 27th July, 2006.

Third Female baby (A.AAFREEN) was born on 08th April, 2009.

Now I am working as an Internal Auditor in very famous company in U.A.E. I am working with a very good team and my team leader is very supportive. My team friends suggest the lot of good things by indicating my mistakes to correct myself and for my improvement. The work is going well and meeting the lot of challenges. It is being very useful for me.

My Hobbies are: Story Writings, Reading Good Books, Watching Good Programs in Channels, Cooking, Participating in Debate Competitions etc., I have participated in various debate Competitions and acted in Dramas Conducted by Several Institutions and Radio Station. Recently on (18.04.2006), gave an interview and it was telecasted on 24.04.2006 in SANGAMAM TV (DAN CYLONE TV). Realy it was very interesting. Afterwards, i have given several programs


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